Dorobek piśmienniczy pracowników naukowych z dyscypliny bibliologia i informatologia w świetle oceny parametrycznej działalności naukowej polskich jednostek naukowych z roku 2017

Jacek Drogosz

2020 Przegląd Biblioteczny, T. 88, z. 1, s. 65-80

This article presents informations about scientific literature of researchers from the discipline of bibliology and information science from 2013-2016. The purpose/thesis – The purpose of the research is indicating the most popular journals, publishers and scientific conferences in the discipline defining their significance in the next evaluation process (2021). It allows drawing preliminary conclusions regarding the implementation of scientific policy in the field of bibliology and information science. The methods – The material was developed on the basis of data from scientific institutions that were assessed in the parameterization process in 2017. Using analytical methods, information on the literary output of researchers representing the discipline was extracted. Data on journals, publishers and conferences have been sorted by ranking. Various data records by the reporting agents were taken into account, which were unified for the purposes of this work. The results/conclusions – The analysis shows that a large part of the most valuable literary output in the studied discipline will lose its relevance in the next evaluation. Attention was drawn to the need to adapt to new evaluation principles in order to increase the importance of scientific achievements. It was pointed out that the representativeness of the researched publications in the scientific achievements of the studied discipline is not full.