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We develop innovative technologies for digital medicine in Poland. Join our network of research teams.

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The centre coordinates the development of artificial intelligence initiatives. We promote healthcare solutions.

We connect academic and medical research teams. We have created a collaborative environment that supports the digital transformation in healthcare.

We implement innovations to improve the quality of healthcare in Poland.

We form strategic partnerships with institutions, businesses and organisations.

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Who are we?

We are experts with extensive practical knowledge on artificial intelligence in medicine. We conduct research projects and collaborate with leading medical centres.

We know Polish researchers and their research projects. We possess data on research apparatus in Poland.

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Why have we established the centre?

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence is opening new horizons for medicine. We see this as an opportunity to support innovative solutions and improve the quality of healthcare in Poland.

Poland faces shortages of diagnosticians and other healthcare specialists. Innovative technologies have the potential to assist them in complex medical procedures.

Poland boasts many research teams that are advancing digital medicine. This intellectual capital stands as the driving force of the digital transformation in Poland.

Through collaboration with the Polish Ministry of Science, we aim to connect the academic and medical communities with a view to sharing experiences, knowledge and information on resources at partner institutions.

How do we operate?

The centre lays the foundation for collaboration and creativity in joint projects and new consortia.
Our three action pillars are:

Innovation Centre for Digital Medicine


We facilitate knowledge and experience sharing. We value interdisciplinarity.

  • networking
  • consultations
  • promotion
  • machine learning competitions


We promote knowledge on cutting-edge digital technologies in medicine. We organise training sessions, publications and webinars.

  • training sessions
  • publications


We conduct and support national research projects on digital medicine. We focus on innovation.

  • implementation
  • conceptualisation
  • piloting

What are we working on?

Our first endeavour was a research project. We are currently developing an AI-driven digital platform that analyses medical images and assesses the key features in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

The features meet diagnostic standards and are utilised to generate explicable examination reports automatically. The technology is implemented through training programmes for radiologists.

More about the project

Join us

Are you interested in innovative medical solutions, interdisciplinary research projects and professional development? Introduce your research team and become a partner of the Innovation Centre for Digital Medicine.

We seek to collaborate with research and expert teams that are engaged in projects conducted for:

  • medical and academic institutions
  • tech firms
  • nonprofit organisations
  • government institutions
  • regulatory agencies
  • trade associations and other organisations interested in the development of medicine.

Together we can contribute to the advancement of digital medicine. Join us now.

What benefits do we offer?

Collaboration with experts

Collaborate with experienced researchers, medical doctors, IT experts, and other specialists. Create innovative medical projects and consortia to implement new initiatives.

A network of contacts

Discover key medical institutions, research centres, and tech firms. Share ideas with leading professionals and experts in digital medicine.

Professional development

Gain access to specialist education, training sessions, and conferences on digital medicine and artificial intelligence in medicine. Keep abreast of the latest advances in technology.

How to join us

Submit your application

Tell us about your research team.

Complete the application

Introduce your research team

Prepare a fifteen-minute presentation. Present the research profile and accomplishments of your team.

Join us

Our collaboration will commence upon the successful signing of an agreement between our institutions.

Develop digital medicine

Leverage all of the benefits extended to you as our partner.

Do you want to talk about collaboration?

Send me an email at:

Dr Piotr Sobecki
Head of the Innovation Centre for Digital Medicine

I am the Head of the Laboratory of Applied Artificial Intelligence at the National Information Processing Institute (OPI PIB). I manage a team of over fifty specialists. I contributed to shaping the strategy of artificial intelligence development in Poland in 2018. My responsibilities at the Innovation Centre for Digital Medicine are not limited to being a leader; I also support the digital transformation in medicine as a researcher and as an advocate of new technologies that improve the quality of our lives.

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