The National Repository of Theses: A Short Polish Case Study

Jarosław Protasiewicz, Małgorzata Stefańczuk, Andrzej Sadłowski

2017 EUNIS journal of higher education IT, T. 2017-1, s. 113-120

The aim this study is to outline the main assumptions and challenges that occurred while introducing the national repository of theses in Poland. More specifically, we discuss the legal basis and other conditions of the repository, its architecture, implemented business processes, and some the most interesting technical details and performance statistics. Particularly, we show that a simple datastore based only on a filesystem could be more efficient and cheaper than a NoSQL database, which is quite fashionable nowadays. Presented comments and remarks regarding

development and deployment of the information system and selected statistics of the working software may help other parties to improve their repositories or take a decision regarding new solutions.