Software development process and testing legislative acts

Jakub Kierzkowski

2017 EUNIS journal of higher education IT, T. 2017-1, s. 36-41

The purpose of this paper is to describe legislative process using the terms of software engineering and to propose some new manners of detecting and avoiding defects in new law acts. The idea of software tester’s approach to lawmaking comes from the observation that software development and legislative process are similar. Paragraph 2 contains an explanation of that similarity, definition of some basic software testing terms and a basic discussion on the topic. Paragraph 3 presents some basic software development models. In paragraph 4, one can find a brief description of the legislative process in the Republic of Poland. Paragraph 5 contains a discussion on concepts concerning making better law. I give two new ideas: dividing legislative bills into two documents and setting off the Law Testing Committee, that would lead to better validation and verification of legislative acts.