Smart Home Technology as a Creator of a Super-Empowered User

Jarosław Kowalski, Cezary Biele, Kazimierz Krzysztofek

2019 W: Intelligent Human Systems Integration 2019 : Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration (IHSI 2019): Integrating People and Intelligent Systems, February 7-10, 2019, San Diego, California, USA / Tareq Ahram, Waldemar Karwowski; Cham: Springer, s. 175-180

Over the last few years Smart Home Technology area has been rapidly growing. The home space saturated with remotely monitored and controlled sensors is different from the same space without these capabilities. The article presents the results of a qualitative study (7 in-depth interviews) conducted in 2018 on users of Smart Home Technology. The research shows that the administrative functions of the system usually become the domain of one household member with the highest technical skills. Such person becomes a “super-empowered user”, for whom it is possible to control the house space (e.g. change temperature, light etc.) and watch other householders in real time, even being hundreds of miles away. Such situation changes the relations of power and control in the family. The study shows that the smart building and home space becomes, through the technology, an extension of the senses of the supervisor.