Polish business models of technology transfer centres against foreign leaders. Conlusions of the case studies

Marta Bojko, Marzena Feldy, Barbara Kowalczyk, Anna Knapińska

2017 Central European Review of Economiscs & Finance, T. 21, z. 5, s. 37-58

The authors analyse business models existing in leading technology transfer academic centres throughout the world, in order to find out to what extent they are implemented by entities in Poland. Their attention is focused on such components of business models as: legal form and methods of financing, the mission of operations, the work integration and the mechanisms of collaboration with the science and commercial sector. The study is qualitative, based on the analysis of the case studies of foreign entities. The diversity of global solutions enables a critical look at the activities of Polish technology transfer centres and points to the choice of models which are best suited to their domestic conditions. According to the authors, the improved effectiveness of technology transfer centres is an important part of the debate on the transformation of traditional universities into entrepreneurial universities.