Ewaluacja nauki polskiej w świetle koncepcji otwartego dostępu

Krystian Fajkowski

2018 Współczesne Problemy Zarządzania, T. 1, z. 1/2018, s. 91-114

The aim of the article is to analyze the benefits of implementing the

concept of open access in the context of the evaluation of Polish science. The first part briefly presents the history of the creation of open

access and discusses the main assumptions of the concept. Next, issues related to the use of the concept of open access in the process of

comprehensive assessment of scientific units and periodic evaluation

of scientific employees were discussed. Presented is the current role of

open access in the process of evaluation of science and the target state,

which, according to the author’s recommendations, should be

achieved. The work was completed with a summary of the conclusions obtained as a result of the analysis.