The OPI gender equality plan

Encouraging equality and diversity in the workplace contributes to a positive atmosphere and better results. The EU-mandated OPI equality plan is expected to deliver considerable benefits to the entire organisation. The equality plan of the National Information Processing Institute. The 2022–2025 gender equality action plan is a document prepared by experts at OPI to ensure that our organisation is safeguarded from all forms of discrimination.

Priorities of the OPI gender equality plan

  • Identify potential concerns through evaluation of working and safety conditions, assessment of equal treatment, and analysis of OPI’s qualitative and quantitative data

  • Define objectives and develop actions that need to be sustainably implemented at specific points in time

  • Ensure the necessary human and financial resources for the implementation of the actions

  • Develop indicators that help monitor the implementation of the plan and future progress.

    To meet the eligibility criteria for Horizon Europe funding, public institutions are required to adopt gender equality plans.

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