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Professional development is our priority

Working at our institute, you can develop your professional skills and passion for science by taking part in thematic conferences, training programmes and workshops, as well studying at a postgraduate level.

We conduct the Doctoral School of Information and Biomedical Technologies of the Polish Academy of Sciences

We guide and educate aspiring scientists in the fields of engineering and technology.

We are seeking applications from Ukrainian experts

We offer employment stability, security, and various challenges in the field of IT and new technologies.

We value commitment and the will to implement your own ideas

Do you see a better solution for our processes? Do you have an idea for a new initiative? An innovative research project? Present it, and we will certainly consider it.

We use state-of-the-art technologies:

Java 11, Angular 8, Vue.js, Spring Boot, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, H2, Elasticsearch/Apache Lucene, Docker, Kubernetes, Hadoop/Spark, ODI (Oracle Data Integrator), Oracle GG (Oracle Golden Gate), Oracle BI (Oracle Business Intelligence), Python for machine learning (scikit-learn, NumPy, pandas, PyTorch, TensorFlow, matplotlib, CUDA), Windows, Linux/UNIX, ORBEON, Primefaces, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, JQuery.

We ensure a friendly atmosphere among our employees

There is a cooperative atmosphere at the institute, along with a casual dress code and we have no open plan offices. We promote work-life balance. We are a pro-family organisation and we respect the free time of our employees.

We ensure career development as part of our work

At this institute, you can link a professional career with your scientific interests. If you want to pursue a scientific career, you have come to the perfect place – we have many doctoral students in our ranks who successfully combine their scientific and professional lives.

Working for our Institute entitles you to allowable expenses of up to 50% of your revenues

Are you involved in research and development projects? Do you create copyrighted works? Increase your income by deducting allowable expenses.

We have a flexible work schedule

We start between 7 AM and 9 AM. We have the opportunity to work remotely.

We have a social benefit fund

We help you out financially with your holidays, private medical care, MultiSport cards and private life insurance. We also reimburse our employees for tickets to the cinema, theatre and other cultural activities.

We are nearby

Our workplace is ideally located – close to Pole Mokotowskie, right next to the subway station. We have our own private car park and a space for bicycles.

We invite you to
join our team

Are you an enthusiast of new technologies?
Do you want to research their impact on people?
Do you see the increasing significance of artificial intelligence on our lives?
Are you passionate about programming?

A fast recruitment process

  • We analyse your application.
  • We organise a meeting during which we learn about your potential and evaluate your knowledge, skills and soft competences.
  • You receive feedback within a few days, regardless of the outcome.

we are currently looking for:

Learn what our employees are saying.

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  • Michał Wiśniewski

    I value working at OPI PIB for the opportunity to make connections with scientists and researchers. The experience of working with specialists in various fields has widened my horizons. It has also had a significant impact on the formation of my knowledge and worldview.

    Junior Linux Server
    Administration Specialist
  • Sławomir Dadas

    I like OPI PIB for the fast adjustment to technological changes. I continue to learn new things, while keeping up-to-date on the current trends in the IT sector.

    Developer Team Leader