IT IN 2023

2022 brought about changes that have impacted all sectors. Most of them were the result of the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine. Weeks after the impact of the COVID–19 pandemic on the economy had begun to subside, another threat loomed on the horizon. The conflict over Poland’s eastern border has made security more paramount than ever. The IT sector has […]

The ANSI system on the podium in the LUBIĘ, BO POLSKIE 2022 ranking

On 25 November, 2022, Polskie Radio (Polish Radio) announced the laureates of the 6th edition of the Poland-wide LUBIĘ, BO POLSKIE 2022 (‘I LIKE IT, BECAUSE IT’S POLISH 2022’) ranking. ANSI, a system designed by experts at the National Information Processing Institute (OPI) and researchers at the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPI PAN), ranked third in the […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas is a special time of year when all disputes are forgotten. May this joyous season bring tranquillity and peace, and may this blessing linger in your homes and remain in your hearts. We wish you a wonderful new year filled with happiness and kindness. Over two thousand years ago hope for a better world was born. May this come to pass […]

Dropping out does not pay off

The latest data from the Polish Graduate Tracking System (ELA) suggests that degrees are highly valued in the labour market. Graduates often have more professional experience, are less likely to become unemployed, and enjoy comparable or even higher incomes than those without degrees. The latest ELA updates also illustrate the careers and educational circumstances of students, describe the […]

ANSI: an artificial intelligence system that detects dual-quality products

The dual quality of products is a problem that persists on the market, despite associated practices  being strictly forbidden by European Union regulations. They stipulate that the same products that are purchased in Germany, Sweden and Poland should be of the same quality; however, the quality of goods sold by some manufacturers in Poland remains inferior to that of those traded elsewhere in the […]

Free IT tools from OPI

The National Information Processing Institute (OPI) has a surprise for anyone who wishes to develop their IT services and research projects: some of the institute’s IT tools are now available free of charge. Click on the ‘Download’ tab at and choose a tool to use to your advantage. OPI offers machine learning models, natural language processing tools, open-access research datasets, and the […]

10th edition of the MIDI Conference in December!

Welcome to the world where humans meet technology! MIDI Conference is one of the largest events dedicated to intelligent machines and cooperation between humans and new technologies. The anniversary – the 10th edition of the conference will be held on 12-15 December 2022 as a hybrid event. MIDI is organised under the honoray patronate of the Ministry od Education and Science. MIDI conference is […]

New RAD-on data is here

The National Information Processing Institute (OPI PIB) has updated its RAD-on data on the Polish science and higher education sector. To facilitate the portal’s use, OPI PIB has introduced multiple additional functionalities. All users can now easily check how many people have pursued a particular degree programme or how many professors are employed by a particular higher education institution. Experts at OPI […]

MEINTech initiative discussed at OPI PIB

The action plan, objectives and assumptions of the MEiNTech initiative dominated a meeting organised at the National Information Processing Institute (OPI PIB) on 4th August 2022. The attendees included Justyna Orłowska, Digital Transformation Representative of the Polish Minister of Education and Science. The participants discussed a plan of action pertaining to the MEiNTech initiative. They analysed all stages of the […]

The evaluation results are in

We are pleased to inform you that the evaluation of OPI PIB’s academic activities has now been completed. Following the evaluation of the Science Evaluation Committee (KEN), the Polish Minister of Education and Science has issued a decision that awards OPI PIB category A in social sciences and category B+ in technical computer science and telecommunications. These excellent results could not […]