Easter wishes

Easter is a special time of the year to savour the precious instances of reflection. Embrace this chance to unwind and cherish meaningful time with your families. May this hopeful season bring you smiles and moments of respite, and may this blessing linger in your homes. Let the spirit of rebirth help you leave behind your worries. Wishing you […]

OPI to conduct a doctoral school

We are pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement on joining the Doctoral School for Information and Biomedical Technologies of the Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences (TIB PAN). The agreement enables experts at the National Information Processing Institutes (OPI) to share their knowledge and experiences with PhD candidates in engineering and technology. The TIB PAN doctoral school has […]

The Medical University of Warsaw to partner with OPI

The Medical University of Warsaw (WUM) and the National Information Processing Institute (OPI) have signed a framework cooperation agreement. WUM and OPI have joined forces to develop cutting-edge digital healthcare and life-saving technologies. The two entities will conduct research, communicate their study results, explore the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in medicine, promote knowledge and expertise, support good practices, […]

Head of OPI awarded the Sapientia et Veritas medal for meritorious service to the Polish science

On 24 November 2023, Dr Jarosław Protasiewicz, Head of the National Information Processing Institute (OPI), was awarded the Sapientia et Veritas medal for meritorious service to the Polish science by Przemysław Czarnek, the Polish Minister of Education and Science. The medal is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to higher education and science, including accomplishments in research, didactics, and organisation. At the award ceremony, […]

Merry Christmas

There is no better time for friends and family to come together than Christmas. During this special time, we wish you bright days for the coming year. May this festive season bring happiness and peace to your loved ones And may they experience the wonder of cordiality and kindness. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! – Management: Jarosław Protasiewicz […]

The launch of the first Polish open large language model: PLLuM   

The collaborative efforts of six leading scientific units with expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing and corpus linguistics are underway to develop the Polish Large Language Model (PLLuM) and an associated smart assistant, both of which are trained predominantly on Polish text. Large language models (LLMs) have already captivated the world for more than a year with […]

In December: the 11th edition of MIDI conference

Welcome to a world where humans meet technology. The Machine Intelligence and Digital Interaction (MIDI) conference is one of the largest events dedicated to intelligent machines, and cooperation between humans and new technologies. The eleventh edition of the conference will be held on 12–14 December, 2023 as an online event. For eleven years now, the MIDI conference has inspired the development […]

Discover the Power of Innovation: The newest OPI portal is here

On 11 September 2023, the National Information Processing Institute (OPI), acting on behalf of the Polish Ministry of Education and Science (MEiN), launched the innowacje.opi.org.pl portal. The website serves as a hub for diverse information on innovative projects, benefiting both Polish businesses and the scientific community. It is more than a large innovation database: users are given recommendations on where to seek specific […]

The Newest OPI Dashboard Data is Here: The glass ceiling index declines

Experts at the National Information Processing Institute (OPI) have released a new version of their dashboard that evaluates gender equality in science. In addition to a data update, the latest version incorporates new reports that illustrate the circumstances of researchers in the business sector, and facilitate the comparison of information between individual countries and groups of countries. Data on scientific excellence is also […]

Head of OPI becomes a member of the IT Architecture Council

Janusz Cieszyński, chairman of the Committee of the Council of Ministers for Digital Affairs (KRMC), has appointed updated the tasks of a new team for the IT Architecture Council. Dr Jarosław Protasiewicz, Head of the National Information Processing Institute (OPI), has been selected to serve as one of the council’s members. The IT Architecture Council prepares recommendations for the […]