Laboratory of Applied Artificial Intelligence

At the Laboratory of Applied Artificial Intelligence:

  • We run projects which connect new technologies and medicine.
  • We are developing the eRADS system which is designed to support doctors during the diagnosis of cancer patients.
  • We offer digital e-services to the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA).
  • We offer digital e-services for Medical Research Agency

We use these technologies:

Looking into the black box

If the models of artificial intelligence aren’t explainable, then specialists (e.g. in medicine) must fully trust the technology, even though their own signature is below the diagnosis. We are working on a system in our laboratory which will be able to answer what exactly forms the basis of such predictions. Monika Redzisz talks to Piotr Sobecki, PhD, the Head of the Laboratory of Applied Artificial Intelligence, National Information Processing Institute.

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Piotr Sobecki, PhD
Head of the
Laboratory of Applied
Artificial Intelligence