The National Information Processing Institute (OPI PIB) and the Perspektywy Education Foundation strengthen collaboration

On 25 January, 2022, the National Information Processing Institute (OPI PIB) and the Perspektywy Education Foundation signed a long-term agreement to collaborate in higher education and science in Poland. This enhanced collaboration will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and the preparation of reports, analyses, and recommendations on students, PhD candidates, and research and academic staff members.

OPI PIB and Perspektywy have worked together for many years to support the academic community in Poland. The institutions will now increase the number and scope of their joint initiatives, which will enable long-term actions that benefit the entire higher education and science sector.

‘Although the Perspektywy Education Foundation has been our trusted long-term partner for many years, our collaboration until now has been limited to one-off projects. This agreement will broaden the scope of our activities.  Our collaboration will focus not only on existing joint projects, such as the preparation of rankings and reports on the internationalisation of Polish universities or in-depth analyses on the situation of women in education, but also on the implementation of new, long-term undertaking,’said Dr Jarosław Protasiewicz, Head of OPI PIB.

 We have several years’ experience in preparing and publishing education rankings, reports, and summaries on higher education and science. Strengthening our collaboration with OPI PIB will allow us to use data contained in its modern and extensive databases, and to draw on its specialists’ expertise; this will contribute to improvements in the quality of our rankings and summaries, and help the difficulties and the achievements of the Polish higher education and science sector to be presented more reliably,’stressed Dr Bianka Siwińska, CEO of Perspektywy. The agreement between OPI PIB and the Perspektywy Education Foundation was signed on 25 January, 2022 in Warsaw. Its main goal is to establish long-term collaboration between the partners that facilitates actions for higher education and science in Poland. The partnership will focus on university rankings, reports, analyses and recommendations, and on the promotion of science and higher education in Poland and abroad. Perspektywy will provide OPI PIB with analyses on current development trends in the higher education and science sector in Poland and around the world, in addition to helping OPI PIB identify informational and promotional needs in that area. OPI PIB will support and advise Perspektywy on its analytical, informational, and promotional projects.