The Medical University of Warsaw to partner with OPI

The Medical University of Warsaw (WUM) and the National Information Processing Institute (OPI) have signed a framework cooperation agreement. WUM and OPI have joined forces to develop cutting-edge digital healthcare and life-saving technologies. The two entities will conduct research, communicate their study results, explore the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in medicine, promote knowledge and expertise, support good practices, and share experiences pertaining to digital transformation and state-of-the-art technologies.

Both partners to the agreement have committed to taking other joint actions – they are ready to share data, apply for research grants, conduct consultations, and publish scientific publications. Their collaboration will also facilitate the implementation of the European digital policy. The European Commission has been taking steps to enhance data sharing within the European Union and internationally. WUM’s collaboration with OPI exemplifies one of many initiatives in Poland that seek to make the data available to the public. The open data strategy aims at creating an ecosystem where substantial amounts of high-quality data facilitates the progress of innovative solutions, increases transparency in the operations of public entities, and improves the standards of research.

Joint efforts of the two parties to the agreement will be coordinated by Dr Marek Kozłowski, Head of the Natural Language Processing Laboratory at OPI, and by Professor Piotr Pruszczyk, Deputy-Rector for science and technology transfer at WUM.