The evaluation results are in

We are pleased to inform you that the evaluation of OPI PIB’s academic activities has now been completed. Following the evaluation of the Science Evaluation Committee (KEN), the Polish Minister of Education and Science has issued a decision that awards OPI PIB category A in social sciences and category B+ in technical computer science and telecommunications. These excellent results could not have been achieved without the hard work and commitment of all employees at OPI PIB.

A brief explanation of what the categories mean in the context of academic disciplines is given below. Categories have a strong impact on the size of the subsidies received by evaluated institutions. They are also used to rank research facilities; high ranks help institutions to become members of consortia, which can apply for research grants.

Entities awarded with A and B+ categories are authorised to:

  • deliver first-, second-, and long-cycle master’s degree programmes
  • deliver education to doctoral students,
  • award PhD degrees in specific disciplines.

The evaluation pertained to the institute’s performance between 2017 and 2021.