The ANSI system on the podium in the LUBIĘ, BO POLSKIE 2022 ranking

On 25 November, 2022, Polskie Radio (Polish Radio) announced the laureates of the 6th edition of the Poland-wide LUBIĘ, BO POLSKIE 2022 (‘I LIKE IT, BECAUSE IT’S POLISH 2022’) ranking. ANSI, a system designed by experts at the National Information Processing Institute (OPI) and researchers at the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPI PAN), ranked third in the Innovative Product 2022 category. ANSI will be used to identify consumer opinions on the safety and quality of products, including dual quality.

Awards in the Innovative Product 2022 category are given to businesses and institutions that introduce pioneering solutions (including products and services) that strengthen the competitiveness of Polish firms on the domestic and international markets.

ANSI will rely on artificial intelligence methods and techniques, including machine and deep learning. It will be used to identify products based on multinational preferences and multilingual online consumer opinions. The data will be analysed thoroughly and used to issue recommendations on whether products should be examined further in a laboratory.  The system will be financed by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) as part of the INFOSTRATEG III programme. The LUBIĘ, BO POLSKIE 2022 ranking aims to promote Polish products and services, support domestic firms, and educate Polskie Radio listeners on how the purchase of goods and services offered by Polish entrepreneurs benefits the Polish economy.