ReCon 2021 Workshop

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically altered our lifestyles, including the spaces in which we work. Many processes have migrated to the digital sphere: we work remotely; we organize and participate in online meetings and events.

How can remote conferences be made more effective and engaging?

We invite you to participate in a workshop, Remote conference in the times of the pandemic (ReCon) co-organised by researchers from the Laboratory of Interactive Technologies at the National Information Processing Institute (OPI PIB).

The workshop takes place on 30th August, 2021 as part of Interact 2021 – an international conference addressed to scientists, specialists in human-computer interaction and people interested in the wide spectrum of cooperation between humans and new technology .

Inspired by Design Thinking, participants of the ReCon workshop will explore the factors that influence users’ experience of remote conferences, in addition to opportunities for networking and sharing knowledge, observations  and expectations.

The deadline for submissions is 14th June 2021.

The ReCon workshop will be conducted in English. A full conference registration is not mandatory to participate in the workshop.

Join the ReCon workshop and help shape the future of remote conferences!

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