Piotr Sobecki from OPI PIB in the IT Heroes campaign

IT Heroes is a compelling, Poland-wide promotional campaign that was launched this year on 13th September – Programmers’ Day. Its participants include roughly 40 companies and organisations that are connected to computer science. OPI PIB is represented by Piotr Sobecki, Head of the Laboratory of Applied Artificial Intelligence.

The aim of the campaign is to show gratitude to IT experts and their teams for their hard work. Their projects have not only made our lives easier during lockdown, but are also helping us to save our planet and transform our society. Were it not for IT specialists, many of us would be incapable of fulfilling our commitments remotely and protecting ourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the campaign’s organisers, the true heroes are those who have ensured that the online environment is friendly and safe, and those who have contributed to enhancing the quality of our lives offline. #IT HEROES acknowledges these efforts.

The campaign involves a variety of actions, including billboards and illuminated posters that depict the campaign’s heroes, which will appear on Polish streets in October. Detailed information about #IT HEROES is available at:

The website also contains materials about the eRADS project, on which Piotr and his team at the Laboratory of Applied Artificial Intelligence are presently working. They have developed an innovative tool that shortens the time needed to diagnose prostate cancer and reduces the number of painful biopsies. The campaign will run until the end of November 2021.