OPI PIB to analyse the demand for teaching studies

The National Information Processing Institute (OPI PIB) is going to conduct an analysis for the Polish Ministry of Education and Science as part of the Demand for Teaching Studies project. Experts at OPI PIB will focus on vocational training and the teachers who specialise in delivering it. According to the 2021 Occupational Barometer survey, these pedagogues are the most sought-after professionals on the job market in education.

The objective of the project is to identify the vocational training teaching study programmes that are in most demand, presently and within the next ten years. Experts at OPI PIB will conduct research on school employees and on the challenges involved in recruiting new teachers. They will also analyse opinions on the training of teachers, and the skills and qualifications of those who are soon to begin their teaching careers. Moreover, they will examine what motivated people to become teachers, their experiences at work, and why some of them have withdrawn from the field. The research will be conducted in the context of regional and national development directions, and based on key industries and professions that are, and will invariably remain, in high demand on the local job market.

Until recently, the Laboratory of Statistical Analysis at OPI PIB collected data on the demand for vocational training teachers – the most recent of which was released in the first half of 2021. The partnership of Flow Nauka Sp. z o.o. and Flow Devs Sp. z o.o. is now leading the effort in field studies on behalf of OPI PIB, including the recruitment of experts and the organisation of interviews. Researchers examined job advertisements and strategic documents published by regional authorities, as well as social and economic development directions, challenges, and regional specialisations. In the coming months, they also plan to hold talks with vocational training experts. Among the attendees will be representatives of education authorities, teacher training institutions and other regional entities that are involved in vocational training. Teachers and former teachers will be asked to share their experiences and opinions during group interviews. Additionally, the researchers plan to organise expert panels to which representatives of Sector Councils on Skills will be invited. Experts of various communities and industries will be offered the opportunity to discuss and comment on the results of the study.