Laboratory of Natural Language Processing

At the Laboratory of Natural Language Processing:

  • We build intelligent knowledge discovery tools from large corpuses of text and web data;
  • We conduct research on natural language processing and machine learning methods;
  • We develop digital services for the public and private sectors, including systems of key importance for the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, such as the Polish Scientific Bibliography and the Unified Anti-plagiarism System;
  • We produce utility systems supported by practical methods of artificial intelligence.

We use these technologies

We turn words into numbers

We have harnessed mathematics and statistics to extract knowledge from texts. An interview with Marek Kozłowski, PhD, the Head of the Laboratory of Natural Language Processing, National Information Processing Institute, conducted by Michał Rolecki.

Read interview with Marek Kozłowski

Marek Kozłowski, PhD
Head of the
of Natural