Head of OPI becomes a member of the IT Architecture Council

Janusz Cieszyński, chairman of the Committee of the Council of Ministers for Digital Affairs (KRMC), has appointed updated the tasks of a new team for the IT Architecture Council. Dr Jarosław Protasiewicz, Head of the National Information Processing Institute (OPI), has been selected to serve as one of the council’s members.

The IT Architecture Council prepares recommendations for the KRMC regarding strategic issues that shape the State Information Architecture (AIP). It also offers its opinions on the financing of high-value IT projects and supervises their implementation.

The tasks of the IT Architecture Council have been formulated purposely as an open catalogue to ensure that the council’s endeavours are unconstrained. The digital transformation of the state is an exceptionally dynamic and multifaceted undertaking, particularly when viewed in the context of European challenges. With this in mind, one of the council’s vital roles is developing guidelines for government entities regarding new and modernised state IT systems. These guidelines seek to facilitate an effective and efficient assessment of the purposes, feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the systems, as well as ensuring their compliance with the AIP. The way the IT Architecture Council’s tasks are framed underscores the importance of its support for the initiatives conducted by the KRMC and for the digitalisation of the public sector.