OPI projects


The National Information Processing Institute (OPI PIB) and its partners, Kobo Association and Big Idea Technology sp. z o.o. , will develop an innovative system to control IoT (Internet of Things) devices using bioelectric signal amplifiers.

Project data

Project start date2022-01-03
Project end date2025-03-30
Project cost2455930.3 PLN


  • Big Idea Technology sp. z o.o. (BIT)
  • Kobo Association
  • National Information Processing Institute

Sagacity is a modern solution for the management of smart homes. Sagacity has been developed by experts at OPI PIB in collaboration with the institute’s partners. The system will enable its users to control everyday devices without having to rely on traditional motor or vocal skills. Sagacity will be operable as if it were an integral part of a human body. The comprehensive solution will use the futuristic brain-computer interface procedure, which will enable smart home devices to be controlled using users’ thoughts (brain waves).

Sagacity relies on solutions that are based on 433 MHz technologies, which entail few to no home alterations; only standard electrical wiring and a Wi-Fi network are required.

Sagacity is a novelty both on the Polish and international markets. The innovative tool is scheduled to be available by May 2025.

The project is financed by the National Centre for Research and Development as part of the ‘Rzeczy są dla ludzi‘ (‘Things in the Service of People’) competition.