Piotr Sobecki wins Scientist of the Future 2022 award

Forum Inteligentnego Rozwoju in Uniejów wrapped up with its closing gala at which The Scientist of the Future awardswere presented. Piotr Sobecki, the Head of the Laboratory of Applied Artificial Intelligence at OPI PIB, took first prize in the ‘Research team of the future’ category.

Piotr won the award in recognition of his research project, ‘AI-augmented radiology: detection, reporting, and clinical decision making in prostate cancer diagnosis’ and for promoting the sharing of his research results with the public.

Prostate cancer is a growing problem, both from the medical and social perspectives. The project’s results will be made available via an e-learning platform that will train its users how to structurally report prostate mpMRI scans according to the PI-RADS standards using a dedicated reporting system. Educational resources will be provided by an integrated reference base of imaging data that contains an extensive set of thoroughly described cases and full medical documentation. Both the database and features related to medical aspects will be developed alongside the Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wroclaw.  The project will be subsidised as part of the Medical Image Recognition task (the First INFOSTRATEG competition, Strategic Programme for Research and Development – Advanced information, telecommunication and mechatronics technologies). The Scientist of the Future award is conferred in recognition of Polish and foreign scientists who have advanced innovative, life-changing research projects. Centrum Inteligentnego Rozwoju awards individuals who wish to share their research results to foster smart growth and the creation of a better future. Scientist of the Future aims to raise awareness of research results that can be used for socially beneficial outcomes.