OPI to conduct a doctoral school

We are pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement on joining the Doctoral School for Information and Biomedical Technologies of the Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences (TIB PAN). The agreement enables experts at the National Information Processing Institutes (OPI) to share their knowledge and experiences with PhD candidates in engineering and technology.

The TIB PAN doctoral school has already gained popularity with the scientific community. It provides interdisciplinary education to prospective doctors who wish to specialize in information technology and telecommunications, biomedical engineering, and medical sciences. Doctoral research spans across a variety of fields, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and computational sciences in biology and medicine. Young graduates are prepared to conduct research within interdisciplinary teams and to analyse, present, and publish their findings.

The pursuit of a PhD degree at TIB PAN is a time-consuming venture that requires dedication and a profound passion for research, but students’ efforts are rewarded. Being a doctor in information technology and telecommunications unlocks diverse career opportunities – graduates can seek employment in the IT, research, academic, and public sectors. During their programmes, doctoral students are offered the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in specific IT areas. They can specialise in artificial intelligence, data analysis, cybersecurity, computer networks, and machine learning. Doctoral studies at TIB PAN enable students to contribute to cutting-edge research in engineering. Graduates often engage in research initiatives that hold the potential to contribute to the advancement of the IT sector.

The organisations that run the TIB PAN doctoral school include OPI; the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences; the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences; the Nalecz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences; the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics of the Polish Academy of Sciences; the Mossakowski Medical Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences; the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences; and the NASK Research Institute.

To learn more about TIB PAN, see attachments below.

For more information, visit the TIB PAN website.